“For, to be a stranger is naturally a very positive relation; it is a specific form of interaction.” ~Georg Simmel

A new year, a new decade, a new project:
1. Approach stranger
2. Ask to take picture
3. Learn first name
4. Take picture
5. Offer a copy
6. Publish here

I could come up with a lofty artist’s statement expounding the commonalities of our human condition, or the six degrees of separation, or the distinct beauty of every being (identical twins excepted, of course).

And maybe at some point I will, because I have a hope, and an expectation that this project will take on a shape, and a life of its own, and such beautiful revelations will become obvious and I’ll want to write about them, and share them here.

But for now, the reality is that I started this project primarily because approaching people and asking if I can make a photo of them is hard for me to do and it’ll become very easy once I’ve done it 365 times. I also started it because I want to improve my portrait photography skills, and my photography skills in general– the main incentive, in my opinion, for undertaking a 365 photos project.

The idea of doing a 365 featuring photos of myself seemed tedious. And the idea of having to come up with a subject to photograph every single day seemed even more daunting than approaching a stranger every day and asking the soon-to-be un-dreaded question.



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